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Scarti Lab

Scarti-Lab opened its doors in a period of major financial upheaval.

Agile, quick-witted, perspicacious and determined, the brand uses all these essential qualities to swerve any obstacles, avoid dead ends and vault the pitfalls of this recession.

Scarti-Lab is a research-centred laboratory that focuses on style as both a mental attitude and the key to contemporary men’s fashion. Self-assured and confident of its own identity, Scarti-Lab keeps its finger constantly on the pulse of change without ever drifting into the mainstream.

Scarti-Lab garments express an irreverent sense of freedom, as well as a canny maturity.

Skill and Taste are combined to produce comfortable, hard-wearing garments with a powerful personality and a natural, attractive cut.

Every design is saturated in the experience of having dictated decades of glamour and fashion codes, as well as the groundbreaking inventiveness of a new and sincere relationship between manufacturer and purchaser based on a shared eternal vision of solid value and the mutual trust that springs from it.

Distinctive style and treatments that convey an intense vitality in dyed fabric shirts and original denim and fabric combinations that maintain the everlasting masculine appeal and dignity of military and work wear.

No jaded “green-oriented” inventions either to justify the brand’s insistence on premium raw materials and a love for the environment in which we live. Identifying mankind through its ever-changing, complex, busy, refined environment is a cultural and historic achievement demonstrated by the decision of a genuine fashion brand to cultivate its product instead of its brand awareness.

Scarti-Lab blazes a new trail that leaves the fashion world’s recession of ideas and values far behind. Instead of seeking the false security of passing trends, it embraces authentic values of Mediterranean culture and Italian craftsmanship with their focus on work and pleasure as the essential foundations of an aesthetically pleasing and ethically satisfying lifestyle.