Japan Blue Jeans

Japan Blue is a jeans maker created from legendary Japanese denim fabric mills, called COLLECT., co. ltd in 2010. In 1992 COLLECT., co. ltd was established for the purpose of  next level jeans manufacturing. COLLECT is the same fabric manufacture behind Momotaro denim and has a deep rooted tradition of denim making in Kojima, Okayama. They produce only basic five pocket jeans. No useless designs here, only natural pure fades.

Generally, Japan Blue is slightly more contemporary and innovative in terms of details when compared to Momotaro, for instance, only on Momotaro jeans will you find hidden rivets. Japan Blue jeans are made on modern (and faster) machinery, back pocket construction without hidden rivets (a time consuming task), and simple folded belt loops all reduce production time. Also, a poly-cotton yarn is used for sewing – on Momotaro jeans a 100% cotton yarn is used. Generally, the production process for Japan Blue is modern, up to date and very effective, all leading to lower retail prices, without compromising quality.