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Indigofera is made to be worn - no matter if you’re a carpenter, an office worker, biker on the run, a cowboy on the prairie, just a regular guy or all of those and more. Indigofera garments age gracefully with you and get even better with the wear. Their fits are heritage inspired and tailored to fit the modern way. Functional clothing for all times. These guys take pride in knowing the garment and aim to make long term decisions based on quality. Indigofera wants to take the best from the history and the best from the modern world and, if necessary, combine the two to make pieces that last longer and just work. Working closely with European, American and Japanese mills, they focus first on fabrics before even beginning to map out the cutting and sewing of a garment. Most of their fabrics are woven specifically for them in limited quantities. Indigofera garments are made in Portugal and in other specifically chosen locations in Europe. Established in 2007.