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GRP Knitwear

Founded in Tuscany in 1973, the G.R.P. knitting factory has developed an approach of combining traditions, and a contemporary taste for classics. Garments are designed and manufactured in Carmignano, on the Medicean hills, a region full of agricultural and food traditions, rich in history and art. Their highly skilled workforce is as passionate as a craftsman who declares his endless love for his land, giving his work of art his own personal character.

They choose the best quality yarns in the world, such as Supergeelong, Australian Merino and Lambswool, American and Peruvian Pima cottons and linen.

Highly qualified G.R.P. specialists work with the same passion that any craftsmen would feel for his products, thereby proving his love for his native region.

Details such as buttons with 4 drill holes (in a variety of wood types), hand-sewn with the „Florence Lily“ technique, reveal the intense care and ambitious style choices.