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Eat Dust Clothing

Eat Dust is a Belgian denim brand founded in 2010 by long time friends Rob Harmsen & Keith Hioco in Antwerp.

Both were raised on skateboarding, a healthy dose of punk rock and a DIY attitude, combined with years of experience in the Fashion World.

At the heart of Eat Dust, lies Rob & Keith’s rebellious nature, merging Counter Cultures, Music, Western, Military, Americana and motorcycle subcultures with classic menswear into a contemporary lifestyle brand.

Eat Dust was founded on the principle of an uncompromising vision and a pursuit of quality, integrity and originality, while also taking a stand against many of the appalling practices within the fashion industry.

All production, as well as fabrics development, are retained in Europe, placing great significance in craftsmanship, tradition, expertise, human dignity and respect.

We do things our way, with conviction and according to principles that we determine, and all of this humbly, without pushing our beliefs upon others.