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BENZAK is a European denim and lifestyle brand from Amsterdam. Founded in 2013, BENZAK set out with a strong focus on creating high-quality made-to-last garments: “We prioritise craftsmanship and timeless design to transcend trends and seasons. With simplicity, comfortability and utilitarian design at the forefront of the brand, we entered the world of artisanal denim and quality goods.”

BENZAK was inspired by founder Lennaert's formative years in garment development and production. From the cut to the fabric, stitch count to the trimmings and contemporary styling; everything about BENZAK comes down to the finer and more meaningful details.

Their deep understanding of tradition merges with quality design and meticulous details. The construction and style methodologies derive from BENZAK’s foundational Japanese influences. They’re big believers in creating approachable apparel that follows lifestyle instead of fashion. Denim or non-denim, BENZAK’s creative processes are consistently in-line with their beliefs.